Humans are at the heart of everything

We take a conscious approach that focuses on long-term, sustainable growth.
How we approach AI and automation

Conscious entrepreneurs understand the profound connection between personal growth and business success. We embrace this philosophy.

By conducting process audits, we align workflows with values, optimise efficiency, and allocate resources wisely. Through thoughtful AI and automation, we free up time for more meaningful work.

Identify objectives and pain points

We help you define the objectives you aim to achieve through AI and automation and identify areas within your business processes that can benefit from automation or AI-powered solutions.

Conduct a process audit

Together we'll evaluate your existing workflows, systems, and procedures. Then, we'll identify areas of inefficiency, bottlenecks, and tasks that can be automated or enhanced with AI technologies. This audit helps you understand the current state and sets the foundation for process improvement.

Set priorities

We determine the key areas where AI and automation can have the most significant impact on your business. Then, we prioritise initiatives based on their potential for return on investment and impact on efficiency and productivity.

Research and planning

We'll explore the AI and automation solutions that align with your identified needs, considering factors such as reliability, scalability and ease of integration.


We engage and empower your team throughout the implementation process, providing training and support to ensure they understand the benefits of AI and automation and how it aligns with your mission. Encourage open communication, address concerns, and create a safe space for collaboration and innovation.

Monitor impact and adjust

We continuously monitor the impact of AI and automation on your business. Measure key performance indicators related to time saved, human well-being, and business growth. Making data-driven decisions will help us optimise processes further and ensure alignment with your values.

"Working with Uncommon has given us clarity into our time-consuming marketing and customer support processes. Owen's team has helped us achieve a positive ROI on our time and marketing investment."
Matt | Founder of Minisport
"Working with Tech Tribe was a dream come true. They full helped us with our digital transormation"
Jessica | Strategist in Pepsico

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